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Purchase Taiwan Lens with Gasket     Paint Black from any color       Purchase Labor for Service



Purchase Premium Lens with Gasket       Flat rate shipping to lower 48

Lens Replacement Service provided by RLSEBRING CORVETTES


$450.00 labor plus current price of lens and return shipping CONUS.


(1) Remove your headlights according to the video instruction (SEE DIY SECTION FOR VID) and package them accordingly to survive mailing them to me.


      b.  Send only the following: Headlight assemblies minus the short (16" or so with the turn signal bulb) wiring harness and the 3 (per light) silver or black mounting studs ONLY. Keep track of these as I do not return lights with these items.

      c.  Contact me if you are missing any items from your headlights and need to buy replacements. All items will be eventually listed on this website for sale.


(2) Please either print your paypal payment page or include a piece of paper in the box with your PayPal info and/or your screen name. When lens are in stock I'm apt to have 10 or sets at any given time in the works and this helps keep track and keeps the orders straight.  MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR SHIP TO ADDRESS!!


(3) Ship them to:


     Robert Sebring

     5231 Deer Creek Drive

     Milton, Florida  32571


(4) Once received I will inspect the box and then the lights for any damage and for any missing parts. I will only contact you if things ARE NOT in order.


(5) The Lens Replacement includes disassembly of the lights, Remove all the old adhesive from the glue channel, thoroughly clean the housings inside & out, Clean the projector glass then check the electrical components.


(6) Reassembly includes installing NEW Lens using high quality polyurethane adhesive sealant and curing for a minimum 24 hours prior to shipping. Installing anything else I may have removed or parts you may have bought to replace.


(7) I pack to survive the trip back to you. I typically ship USPS Priority MAIL. Normal turn around time once I receive your lights is about 5 days depending on work load.


(8) Custom painting the bezels or adding Halo's will add a few days to the process. Pics available under PHOTOS and options to purchase coming soon.






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