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Lens are currently in stock.

Brought to you by the company that provided the Genuine GM OEM headlight lens for 9+ years of hands on experience till discontinued by GM. I spent 13 months totally re-engineering the factory lens to eliminate factory flaws and possibly the longevity problems so many have and are having. 


I brag that I spent a lot of time, money and effort bringing a lens to market that is better both in material and workmanship. Others are bragging that they made a copy of a stock lens (used most likely) and started selling it a couple of months later. 


I have 10 years invested in these lens and headlights and know every aspect of them. I work only on and with C6 headlight unlike the others that do whatever walks in the door or sell unrelated auto parts. 


Check the Corvette Forums to see my work and check my reputation. 



if you need to contact me my email is RSI@RLSEBRING.COM



NOTE: The GM FACTORY GASKETS requires a few of the tabs be held in place by adhesive or double sided tape. GM used this method even with the post and hooks on the lens. They fit and will remain in place unlike just using the hooks.


Shipped CON US. International shipping is available.

My custom gaskets made specifically for my lens. They are the same material and have the same profile as the GM OEM Gasket.  These are meant to stay in place unlike the factory gaskets that is know to slip down under the fender or off the headlight entirely.






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