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courtesy of Mike Brown, Vettesthetics.



Here's my lens replacement instructions originally created by me sometime back. Over time I have added and deleted various elements of the instructions based primarily on user input.


There are a few that are copying and posting these on various forums with various changes made that can affect your outcome.


I have sold in excess of 10K lens in the 9 years I've been selling them. My instructions have enabled pretty much every one of the purchasers to do the job themselves. The ones that just couldn't do it sent their lights in to me to finish.

Here's a recent from Corvette Forum Member bjohn performing his headlight lens replacement and the results.

For those of you that have purchased my streamlined gaskets with the 3m AeroTape this is a simple instruction on how to install.

You don't have to put the entire gasket in place right off the bat you can work in 4 to 6 inch segments around the lens.

 Video courtesy of LightWerkz, New Jersey

Here's a video from You Tube showing a very detailed application of the Morimoto Retro-Rubber. Although it is showing a Non C6 headlight the application is the same. 

You can skip ahead ahead to the 10 minute mark to begin. The only difference I do is not to pre-heat the retro-rubber. I stretch it out cold to fit the channel then pop it in the oven to heat. Be sure to turn the oven off after pre-heat. I also put the seam at the bottom of the light.

Once you install the Lens and clamp in place give the assembly about 25 minutes to thoroughly cool off then remove the clamps and install the headlight assembly back into the vehicle. 

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